Detox & Cleanse Challenges... 
"An OUNCE of prevention is worth a POUND of cure"
-Benjamin Franklin
Detox & Juice Cleanse Challenges....
Limited Quantities Available Each Week..... 

Meatless Mondays Challenge

This Monday we challenge you to go 

Go vegan or vegetarian for the day.  That's right no beef, poultry, pork or seafood for the day.   

It's easy to forget to include fruits & veggies into your diet.   Not w/ Carpe Diem at the helm, we've got you covered.  

Combine two highly fibrous meals with two nutritious juices for a weekly detox...   

Replace one meal with two juices of your choice.  We suggest replacing either breakfast or dinner depending on juice selection.  If your juice selection has higher fruit content we suggest it in the morning.   Once you've made your purchase we will contact you shortly after to customize your detox.  

- 2 Organic Juices
- 2 Vegetarian Meals
Thursday's Only....   
$42 Value For Just $25

119 Challenge

Every Tuesday we challenge those bold enough to take on a  3 day juice cleanse an opportunity to accomplish their goals before the weekend hits.   

Drink six juices per day for three consecutive days.  Every 2 - 2.5 hours you'll consume one juice along with water & if needed raw fruits, vegetables or nuts.   Nothing from a package as it has been processed and or preserved.   

Our juice cleanses are made from RAW
fruits and vegetables.  They have not
been pasteurized via heat or pressure 
leaving the contents in their natural state.  

Many companies utilize (HPP).  A form of pasteurization utilizing pressure to 
extend the life of  juice.   This process also
enables the ability to ship juice or sell with in grocery stores, though compromises the raw contents.  

Raw - being in or nearly in the natural state,  Not processed or purified as defined by Merriam Webster

Start Tuesday and our RAW, ORGANIC, COLD PRESSED juice cleanse is just $119  
Tuesday's Only....   
$170 Value For Just $119
Mondays & Tuesdays only....  Don't wait another week!!!  
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